Head of School's Welcome

Head of School's Welcome

Hello and welcome!

I love my job and count it one of the great privileges of my life. I am so pleased you have stopped by to look at our website. The hope is that you will not only gather information on what we do and offer but also who we are and what it might mean to be part of our community.

Choosing a school for your family is an important decision, for in so doing you form a relationship. We believe in the adage that it takes a village and commit to doing our part to walk in partnership with our parents and carers in the education of their children. 

We have a warm and inclusive community and culture that operates in an atmosphere of honesty and trust. Our people are certainly our greatest asset and blessing. 

We are a K-6 school, with a very exciting story of re-establishment and growth. Under the guidance of a deeply committed, gifted and skilled teaching team, our students are nurtured but also encouraged to dig deep in their thinking and learning. Sometimes as teachers, it is our job to remind students what they are capable of, as well as guide them towards it.

At Wellington Christian School, we believe in a thorough academic education but also education towards character and faith. For we know that one’s aptitude and capabilities are important but are either enhanced or constrained by the foundation of character and belief that they rest on.

Authentic. Responsive. Transformational. These three words underpin who we are and why we exist as a school. It is our deep belief that education and in fact our every action in life, should be authentic and true; should be targeted and responsive and should be ever encouraging and believing that transformation is possible.

It is true to say that life can be quite uncertain and not one of us knows what tomorrow will bring. And while as a school, it is our aim to create a secure environment, the unknown will always exist. So, we want you to know, we believe in and walk with The Living God who holds all things and therefore we look to tomorrow with hope and assurance.

To quote an old song,

Because He lives I can face tomorrow. Because He lives all fear is gone. Because He lives, I know He holds the future. And life is worth the living just because He lives. 'William. J. Gaither'

I look forward to potentially showing you around our wonderful school one day!

Sarah Strahorn

Head of School