WCS is a co-educational K-6 school, operating straight stage classes as of 2018.

In what and how we teach, we are deeply committed to the vision of WCS and the part we play in the broader community and the Kingdom of God.

As a school, being authentic and responsive towards transformation is at the heart of who we are. As a result, the way we structure teaching and learning is reflective of this.

A personal and bespoke approach to education has seen students and their learning flourish, progress and indeed transform.

Our staff are highly skilled and experienced and together form a wonderfully dynamic and complementary team.

We hold fast to the belief that education of the curriculum and also character education must go hand in hand. We believe that when our skills, talents and learning sit on the foundation of a noble character, they become all they can be and society is better served. Education is at its best when it envelops the whole person; intellect, heart and character.

Being responsive to where a child is at, is highly valued at WCS. Due to an individual approach, small class size, a supportive environment and expert staff and programs, we have seen sustained growth in our students’ learning, both those who require extention and also those who have gaps to fill or particular needs.

Our curriculum is solid but also varied and innovative. Much time is given to Literacy and Numeracy as they are foundational to all other areas but the Arts, Sport and Health, Science, Geography, History, Agriculture, Design, Information Technology and others all play a role.

As a school we find that success is bred from a platform of students owning their learning and committing to the journey. We also underline that a person’s value and worth is not rooted in their intellect or abilities but rather in the knowledge that they are fearfully and wonderfully made with a purpose.

Partnering with parents is central to who we are as a school. Parents know their children best and we value this. At WCS we have a wonderful culture of staff, students and parents walking the road together.