Education outside the box

Education outside the box

What fun our students have at school. On top of making classroom learning relevant and interactive, we also have many opportunities outside the classroom and perhaps outside the regular school experience, for our students to further their learning and build dreams for the future.

Project based learning

This is a concept we are most excited about at WCS. Our intention is that through significant projects, encompassing such areas as Agriculture, Art and Design and Technology to name a few, students are able to benefit from having experts in residence at WCS and hands on learning. The purpose is twofold. Project based learning caters for different learning styles, particularly the more kinaesthetic learner and it also gives students experience in areas they may like to aim for at the end of their schooling. Dreams and aspirations are so important and are to be encouraged.

Playground Renaissance

What a joy it is to watch children explore, create and play. This is the basis of the Playground Renaissance that we have embarked on; a return to a 1980’s childhood as it were. Our playground has the things you would expect to see in a school playground as well as a variety of materials which the students are free to build and play with. We have some of the most amazing contraptions and cubbies you have ever seen appearing in our playground. We also have a plan to have bikes that can be ridden, totem tennis, a trampoline and moveable activity stations. We believe that creative and busy children are happy, growing children.

Community involvement

Being part of a rural town, there are countless opportunities for us as a school to be involved and contribute. From the annual eisteddfod to ANZAC Day to providing morning and afternoon tea for the local Open Garden event to creating artworks for street parades and community Christmas dinners, there are many opportunities for our students to learn the joy to be found in giving and participation for the good of something greater than themselves.