Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life

We are a Christian school and if for one moment we thought that was by name only, then we would have miserably fallen short. Whatever is written on a sign, in a motto or mission and vision statement, should be seen and felt in daily school routine and life. Authenticity matters to us.

Believing that life is better living God’s way and knowing Him, we seek to infuse all that we do with His Truth. The very core of all we believe and do as a school finds its anchor in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

The Bible is interwoven into the curriculum and prepares students to know, defend, and live out their faith by providing the opportunity to wrestle with what it means to hold a Christian world view. There are many opportunities in a week for this to be lived out together as a school community.

At Wellington Christian School, we believe that well developed academics, a noble character and a vibrant spiritual life should not be an either/or proposition. In fact they complement each other beautifully. We seek to prepare our students to glorify God with their minds, talents, and lives.

Partnering with parents in this area is a joy and is a reason CEN schools were established in the beginning. However, faith is not a prerequisite of enrolling at Wellington Christian School but we do want parents to be aware of the platform we teach from.

We believe in the sovereignty of God and as a result, we believe that not one person ever created is without value and purpose of the highest order and that includes you and your family. We want our students to know this and to live their lives with the security and reassurance it brings.